You can find on this page the Morocco tourist map to print and to download in PDF. The Morocco tourist attractions map presents the monuments, museums, parks and points of interest of Morocco in Africa.

Morocco tourist map

Map of Morocco travel

The Morocco tourist map shows all tourist places and points of interest of Morocco. This travel map of Morocco will allow you to easily plan your visits of landmarks of Morocco in Africa. The Morocco tourist map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Tourism in Morocco is well developed, with a strong tourist industry focused on the country coast, culture, and history as its mentioned in Morocco tourist map. Most of Morocco tourists are European. Morocco has been one of the most politically stable countries in North Africa, which has allowed tourism to develop. The Moroccan government created a Ministry of Tourism in 1985.

Tourism is increasingly focused on Morocco culture, such as its ancient cities. The modern tourist industry capitalizes on Morocco ancient Roman and Islamic sites, and on its landscape and cultural history. 60% of Morocco tourists visit for its culture and heritage. The country attractions can be divided into seven regions as you can see in Morocco tourist map: Tangier and the surrounding area; Agadir and its beach resorts; Marrakech; Casablanca; the Imperial cities; Ouarzazate; and Tarfaya and its beach resorts.

Marrakech in central Morocco is a popular tourist destination as its shown in Morocco tourist map, but is more popular among tourists for one- and two-day excursions that provide a taste of Morocco history and culture. The Majorelle botanical garden in Marrakech is a popular tourist attraction. It was bought by the fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1980. Their presence in the city helped to boost the city profile as a tourist destination.

Morocco attractions map

Map of Morocco tourist attractions

The Morocco attractions map shows all monuments and sightseeing of Morocco. This tourist attractions map of Morocco will allow you to easily discover monuments, museums ans places to visit of Morocco in Africa. The Morocco attractions map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The bustling and vibrant buzz of Marrakesh medina sums up Morocco for many visitors and is a major tourist attraction. Casablanca major point of interest and landmark building, the Hassan II Mosque as its mentioned in Morocco attractions map is a lavish symbol not only of the city, but also of Morocco itself. Morocco has plenty of beautiful old town areas but Rabat Oudaias Kasbah neighborhood has to be one of the country most picturesque. Along with Marrakesh, Fes is Morocco other big cultural destination. But unlike its sister Imperial City to the south, Fes has not been trussed up for the tourists. While much of Morocco mountain scenery is craggy peaks surrounded by palm groves and arid plains, the Rif Mountains provide some lush green relief.

The most European of all Morocco cities, Tangier has a fascinating and slightly debauched role in 20th-century literary history, and this past is what draws many tourists here. In the beautiful Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen as you can see in Morocco attractions map is a gorgeous labyrinth of blue-on-blue buildings that has an incredibly photogenic glow. There is not much actual sightseeing to be done, and that is one of the town main attractions. Morocco number one Roman ruin is a feast for history lovers, with a clutch of remarkable mosaics still interred where they were unearthed. Draa Valley, which connects the southeastern end of the High Atlas with the desert beyond, is prime territory for architecture and history fans.

The mammoth gateway (which guards the entrance to Meknes Imperial City district from the medina) is noted for its stunning decoration. Meant as a monumental reminder of the sultan might, the Bab al-Mansour as its shown in Morocco attractions map is a magnificent relic of Meknes glorious era as capital of Morocco. The golden-stoned adobe kasbah (fortress) thrusts dramatically out of the earth amid scenery that wows all who visit. Hikers, trekkers, and general nature lovers should not miss a journey into the raw landscapes of Morocco Dades Valley. Morocco most charming seaside town is laid-back Essaouira, an old hippie haunt of the 1970s that has lost none of its authenticity. Inland, in Morocco eastern Sahara region, are the grand and rippling sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi, where would-be explorers and adventure-seekers head to get a dose of desert action.